Long time between drinks


It's been a long time since I got on this blog and typed something out. One for being too lazy and two for not really knowing what to write. I sit here writing this latest blog in the comfort of my flat sipping on my lovely filter coffee roasted by Rocket (if you love coffee go and check them out on Barton St in Hamilton). 

So, for those interested I'm going to keep this short and sweet with the focus on doing them slightly more regularly. 2020 as we all know has been an interesting year for pretty much the entire population. For me, the end of 2019 and the start of 2020 was truly a dream. I got my first start with the 'big boys' in the Team Sprint at the Brisbane World Cup in December where we managed to pull off a bronze medal and my first world cup medal. It was truly a special day. I had a great training period after that where I managed to gain selection for worlds as the team sprint reserve and rode the kilo. What a learning experience that was. 

Training over lockdown was epic. Banked a great 8 weeks and really seeing that come to fruition now. A slipped disc on the first day back in the velodrome was not great; adding to my 2 exisiting ones. But, it is a challenge I have risen to and has only made me a better athlete. Like some athletes I have been feeling like everything is a bit of groundhog day at the moment with no major racing coming up. We have a 2 week break starting this weekend which I am thoroughly looking forward to. The aim is to take some mental and physical leave to come back refreshed and continue to build towards Tokyo 2020. The goal hasn't changed we are all still fighting to be selected and all fighting to win that gold. That hunger is truly alive and well. 

Till the next post



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