I've always dreamed of this day. The day I'd be able to say I was selected into the New Zealand team for an Olympic games. There's so much to write but so little at the same time. This is one of those selections that truly means you have to sit back and just appreciate what ...
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Tales of the Top Two Inches

December 14, 2020

The Mental Health conversation

Some of you may have come along to the 'Tales of the top two inches' event. Some of you may have watched it online (with terrible audio quality) but some may be thinking what in the world is he talking about. So. Briefly, I, along with Callum and our now mind coach David Gal...
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Post break

October 3, 2020
Once again I've failed with the regularity of these things. If I'm honest I never really know what to write about. More so now than ever that is hard though with not much racing of travelling going on.  We are training hard as always and continue to focus on being at ou...
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Time off

August 24, 2020
After what has been by far the most rewarding but toughest 6 months both on and off the bike. Having a two week break planned was something I really needed. Both physically but more importantly mentally as well and what an epic two weeks it was. Jumped on a plane with my fam...
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Long time between drinks

July 28, 2020


It's been a long time since I got on this blog and typed something out. One for being too lazy and two for not really knowing what to write. I sit here writing this latest blog in the comfort of my flat sipping on my lovely filter coffee roasted by Rocket (if you love coffee...
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27th May 2019. I boarded the plane bound for my 4th year spending June in a place called Kutztown located in Pennsylvania USA. A place where it is not uncommon to come across the Amish people who are still riding around in their horse and carts.  This year was a little ...
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